We take an alternative route to a bank system deposit box or storage unit where individuals are able to store valuables at the highest level of security. We are proud to offer ultra-secure storage space that is more protected than your home, and more enhanced than your bank.


Benefits at a glance

  • Fast, automated processing helps reduce cash deposit processing time and speed collections
  • Automated deposit tracking from receipt to verification, allowing the vault to constantly monitor the status of your deposits
  • Same-day credit for all deposits received by our established vault location deadliness
  • Deposit verification within 24 hours of receipt, allowing for ongoing reconciliation of your cash flow
  • Convenient, 24/7 cash ordering is available through the SinglePoint Cash Vault ordering service or by phone
  • Enhanced security, including secured docks for delivery of your deposit by armored courier, video surveillance, counterfeit detection in all currency counting equipment, and dual-custody processing
  • Receive current information online about your cash deposits, helping you manage your cash position

Get Started With Your safe storage and vault operations

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